1. Chill the alcohol you will be using & water the night before the party, cold mix freezes faster.
  2. Use an 8oz cup for less waste, red solo cups are great but they will drain the machine faster.
  3. Plan on putting the machine within 3 feet of a power plug and on its own circuit. These machines draw 15 amps running and much more on a compressor surge and if there is anything else plugged into the circuit the machine will have issues freezing or it could kick off the breaker.
  4. Always use the mixing jug to combine, mix, alcohol and water.
  5. DO NOT put ice in the machine this will damage the machine.
  6. Provide a safe driving alternative to drinkers like Designated Drivers of Las Vegas.
  7. NO EXTENSION CORDS! Extension cards can and will damage the machines and the customer IS liable for damage. If that's not enough of a concern then consider the fact that you may not have frozen drinks as a result of using an extension cord. 
  8. The machine has a cart provided so no table is needed for the machine.
  9. Keep the margarita machine in the shade during daytime operation.
  10. Please help us avoid unusual delivery situations. (moving machines long distances over rough ground, extra steps,etc.) The machine and cart weigh approx. 200 pounds.
  11. Our staff will deliver the machine, set it up, get the first batch started and answer any questions you have.
  12. Extra Mix will be left for you to use. You will not be charged for any unused/unopened mix.
  13. The machines can be used to make non-alcoholic drinks and the mix tastes great without alcohol.